Thanks for the Meme-ories

If Tweeting and Face-booking the news weren’t already indicators of how people communicate in the 21st Century, surely the seconds-later-meme-generation fills that role. In high school, I remember that someone would mention something they saw online and they’d alienate about two-thirds of their peers…the two-thirds that either didn’t have computers at home, didn’t have the internet at home or, like me, both.

Nowadays (to make myself sound super-duper old), it takes literally seconds for someone to generate a meme that is water-cooler talk minutes later. I’m okay with this. In fact, I’m usually amused for longer than any of my peers and start alienating my two-thirds by continuing to bring up memes that have long since  become irrelevant.

With both the landing of Curiosity and the Olympics going on, I have had an endless supply of workday distractions. My current favorite is the Tumblr (a haven for memes if there ever was one) site mckayla is not impressed. You really must check it out…in fact, by the time you do, you might even see my humble submissions…

Neither McKayla nor that little girl are impressed.



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