The West Wing: Season 2

Andy Ross:

At lunch today, I watched “The Stackhouse Filibuster” episode from the 2nd season, which starts the amazing run of the last six episodes of Season 2. As I was watching, I had this thought:

The Father issues are so strong in this show. Think about it: Josh and Charlie have no living biological father, and they somewhat use their relationship with President Bartlett to fill that gap for them. Sam’s dad isn’t a big part of his life, but the relationship we do see them have is not good. Toby’s dad is a gangster and murderer, and Toby is so ashamed of him. CJ has/had a good relationship with her father, but Alzheimer’s is stealing him away from her. Bartlett is seen as a good father dealing with his daughters, but of course in season 3 his troubled relationship with his own father is explored in depth. So, 6 of the main characters, and all of them have bad relationships with their father.
So my question: dramatic coincidence or is Sorkin saying something here (intentionally or unintentionally). Is he saying something about successful people at this level? Did he hit on something about America in general?


My thoughts coming soon, but comment away!

Poll: Two Cathedrals (Season 2 finale) has been called the greatest hour of television in history. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “The West Wing: Season 2

  1. I’d also add that the last six episodes of Season 2, from “The Stackhouse Filibuster” through “Two Cathedrals” are the six best consecutive episodes of any TV show ever..

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