The West Wing: Season 4

Jen’s Outline of SE04:

Will Bailey

-relevance of season opening with talks about alternative energy fuels

– Bruno – one of the many great guest stars “If you’ve seen someone on TV, you’ll probably see them on TWW.”

– Fiderer: Funny & good memory, plus “She didn’t give you up.” (MS tie/Landingham)

– “The streets of Heaven are…this is a time for heroes and we reach for the stars.” Same words at farm, military base and West Wing.

-Cloud Cover – Sen. Stackhouse
-President’s faith comes to light this season (Red Mass)

Will Bailey as Sam’s successor – Toby + Sam = Will “He’s one of us”

“Public schools will be cathedrals” during debate about vouchers – harkens back to Two Cathedrals

Election Night:
Christian Slater! (Untamed Heart quotes)
Sam’s line about the Sec. of Agriculture goes back to first SotU

Arctic Radar:
“You know what? Not your FedEx guy.” Vs. “Unless you want to start now.”

Holy Night:
“Merry Christmas…” radio message to open Toby’s story; the story of an outsider


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