The Wire: Season 1

From me to Fan 1:

I just finished Season 1 & luckily, two of my three favorites lived to see another season…Kima & Bubs made it, but so sad for Wallace. I guess he had to leave to go play for East Dillon.
Today I upped my Netflix from 1 at a time to 4. Am I proud of that? No. Am I excited about having the first 3 discs of season 2 without having to wait for the mail? YES! I’m hooked!


“”Where’s Wallace?!” ugh…it’s such a good show.  I’m glad you are enjoying it.  Josh got stuck on season 2.  But I HIGHLY recommend you stick with it.  It’s different, but just as good.
[Fan 2]…look, another fan added to the club!”

Reply from Fan 2:

Hey, what FUN!  I’m always happy to hear of someone else wandering into West Baltimore to join our little world, where “All the pieces matter.”- Lester Freeman. 

Jenn, I really hope you’re enjoying it.  As [Fan 1] says, some people get stuck in Season 2, because it starts out very different from Season 1.  But have faith, it all works.  You don’t just stumble into being the best TV show EVER!

Back to me:

Okay…last night I got home and started the first episode of season two. I’m only about 15 minutes in, but MAN I can tell that it’s already different. My only problem so far is that they changed the theme song to that different style. I really liked the old one! More after I watch a couple of episodes…

Reply from Fan 1:

it changes every season I think.
stick with it.  It’s good!

Reply from Fan 2:

The theme song was an issue for me also when I started season 2.  But as you go, you’ll see how the theme song fits the season’s story, and still calls back the original.  Like everything about this show, it grows on you so much.  Oooh, I’m so jealous of your experience going through these for the first time!


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