Let’s Go to the Movies: Tree of Life

image from frontroomcinema.com

Some stream of consciousness thoughts from my viewing of Tree of Life:

All these boys look like Ricky Schroder.

Why does Bradd Pitt have to make himself look less attractive in movies than he is in real life?

Mrs. Dursley!

I didn’t know Sean Penn was in this!

What is this?

Why am I watching this?

Is this Fantasia?

DINOSAURS?!?! This is so freaking Fantasia!


If I saw this in the movie theater, I would be so upset about losing my $10.75.

[This is when the song Iko Iko got stuck in my head for 20 minutes.]

How much does a movie cost now?

I wonder if I can get this movie in the mailbox before the mailman comes?

I’m glad they put the Job verse before the movie or else I’d be even more upset.

I wish more of this movie showed the boys growing up, and less of the galaxy.

What is this movie trying to tell me?

Well, this movie has taken a turn.

I feel like this is the most realistic portrayal of male familial relationships in a long time.

I need to Google what Ian McEwen thought of this movie…it reminds me of his writing.

The Rapture?

Not the Rapture. Acceptance?



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