Finding new [p]interests…

I have a new addiction. I know what you’re thinking – how? How can you fit in one more addiction? Well, that’s just the thing. I get fixated on things, they run their course, and then I’m over them. For the most part. (Excluding books, Adrian Brody, buying TV on DVD and knitting. And maybe some other things. )

Thanks to Haley (check out her wonderful designs here and her words here), I have something else to add to my list: Pinterest.

The concept is simple: Pin your interests. Categorize them using the ones they provide, or change them to match your thought processes. You can search items other people have pinned, or install the “Pin It” tool on your web browser to make any website instantly pin-able!

Below is a spotlight on my “Say It Don’t Spray It” board. You can see my other boards here:

I think that the site is open for joining now, but if you need an invitation, just leave a comment and I’ll have your e-mail address to send it to! Happy pinning!




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