Let’s Go to the Movies: The Fighter

“You were my hero.”  “I was…I was.”

That line might have been the most heartbreakingly honest thing I’ve heard in a movie in a while.

The Family Way:

I propose that the Wahlberg family is taking the reins from the Affleck’s in their dominance of Boston and Northeastern urban family dramas.

Save the Wales (the Welsh? the Bales?):

Somehow I’m always surprised at how amazing Christian Bale is (which is kinda how I feel about Leonardo DiCaprio). I can’t think of a single movie of Bale’s that I haven’t enjoyed; I like how (at least in the beginning of his career) he took roles to allow him to play different characters.

Let’s Get Physical:

Sure, Mark Wahlberg might have funky-bunched his way into our hearts with his famous pants-dropping skills with Calvin Klein, but DAANG! He hasn’t shown this kind of physical definition in his other recent movie roles. And Christian Bale? Does he have a cardiologist on call? Surely his fluctuating weight and muscle mass can’t be healthy, right? From The Machinist to Batman to The Fighter and now he’ll be filming another Batman soon? That’s got to take it’s toll…

Mommy Dearest:

When I looked up the Emmy winners online, I had no idea who most of the winners were, including Melissa Leo. After watching the film, though, there is NO WAY anyone else can win the Oscar. She’s AHmazing!

(I realize this is a superficial look at a movie that deserves more…but I waited too long to flesh out my thoughts after watching it. My bad.)


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