Daily Tweet – January 20, 2011

I admit it. I tweet too much. In an effort to curb the number of words I release blindly into the interwebs, I’ve started a new feature on my Tumblr called The Daily Tweet. It’ll be a wrap up of all the random things I was going to say at one minute to one hour intervals. This was supposed to be a part of today’s Daily Tweet, but it ran a little long…so I’m posting it here:

So the leaders of two world superpowers are meeting this week to talk about boosting the economy and providing basic human rights (and, if I understand correctly, what constitutes as a “right”), two state leaders are talking about the Nazi’s and non-Christian brothers, scientists have found a way to clone Wooly Mammoths and also diagnose Alzheimer’s before death (PS, still no word on a cancer cure) and then General Mills has this commercial featuring a front-page headline reading “95% of Americans aren’t getting enough whole grains.” WHOLE GRAINS?!?! Dear General Mills marketing team: Rethink your strategy. Reevaluate what constitutes as front page, above the fold, would you?

That being said, I do remember the commercial (but did have to Google to see that it was for General Mills). So now, when the world ends on May 21, I’ll always look back at my last January on Earth and think “The economy was crap, China may or may not have wanted to blow us up because of words we may or may not have put in their leader’s mouth, I learned to fear not only the flu and rabid dogs, but also free-range dinosaurs…oh…and also, I probably wasn’t getting enough WHOLE GRAINS.”


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