A List of Scary Things

I’m a little late to this party, but in honor of Halloween I started putting together a list of scary things last week…unfortunately, I’ve just gotten around to adding them all here.


1. Neil Diamond

Those eyebrows, the growl-y voice and all. that. satin. Eeeek!

2. Dress up characters

I’ll admit to holding it together at DisneyWorld and places like that, as long as the characters don’t get too close. However, there’s something really creepy about someone who is completely unknown/obscured and is paid to interact with people (mostly children).

This one has a sub-list: Scariest dress-up characters: 1. Billy Bob, the Showbiz bear, 2. The Build-a-Bear bear, 3. Non-traditional Santas*, 4. Traditional Santas, 5. Neil Diamond

3. Cornfields

If you aren’t afraid of cornfields, why aren’t you? You should be. Even the least scary cornfield movie of all time, Field of Dreams, is still kinda creepy. Also, in Oklahoma, don’t you always halfway expect some weird Puritanical kids to come out and start talking to Curly?

4.  Puppets/Dummies

Not Muppets, though. Somehow they’re okay. As for dummies, you know they steal souls, right? Right?

5. Celebrity impersonators

I feel like they should be afraid of themselves.

What are your top scary things?


*Have you ever noticed that non-traditional Santas have the worst teeth?


3 thoughts on “A List of Scary Things

  1. I completely agree with all of these! I had completely forgotten about the Showbiz bear, since I was pretty young when Chuck-E-Cheese took over for him. He’s creepy as well.

    We went to a Sesame Street Live performance here on campus, and Angel loved all the characters… Until they came over to hug her and give her a high 5. She FREAKED out. They were much more gigantic than she anticipated them being or something. You’d have thought someone had just thrown 1000 spiders on her.

    MY biggest fear: SPIDERS!!! How did spiders NOT make your list?? Not all spiders, mind you. I’ve spent many an hour playing with Granddaddy Long Legs, torturing them and pulling their legs off one by one and making them walk in circles. However, I am horrified at the thought of a brown recluse or a black widow. I have brown recluses in my house, and I wear flip flops or shoes into which one can easily peer for that very reason.

    My next biggest fear: SPIDER WEBS! This might be even more terrifying than the spiders themselves because if you get a spider web on you (ie walk through one because you don’t see it!) then not only are you unsure if you have a spider on you, but you also have no clue WHAT KIND of spider you may or may not have on you. Stripping all ones clothes off or completely submerging oneself in a body of water are the only two ways to be absolutely certain that there is not a spider somewhere on one’s body, or, if it was, to make sure it is dead.

    • Surprisingly enough, I’m not afraid of spiders or most bugs. I don’t like them and would prefer never to see them, but I’m not afraid of them…maybe I should be?

      • Everyone should be afraid of poisonous spiders! Have you SEEN pics of necrotizing fasciitis caused by brown recluses?!?!

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