Only in dreams

I’ve had some crazy dreams lately. Chalk it up to that NyQuil I took on Saturday night (12 hours of deep sleep…high five!), or maybe the fact that I’ve had less stress and my brain has been turning off when it hits the pillow, but something is definitely up. Here’s what I remember:

Dream 1: Let’s call this one Back to the Indeterminate Time

Taken from a Facebook wall post to the other person in the dream, Clay Walls (a friend from Prattville High School):

You and I were re-joining the PHS Band (???!?!?!?) yet at the same time we knew that we might be kicked out/arrested for doing something related to band? I woke up before I found out what it was. I also couldn’t te…ll if we were still highschoolers, or if we were our ages now. I ended up deciding it wasn’t worth playing an instrument, so I joined the staff as some kind of consultant (?). You stayed for a while but decided it was a waste of time and quit. Johanna Baker was also in this dream. Also, I had a hovercraft-esque car that I zipped myself into. It looked a lot like a Keds sneaker. The most disturbing part of the dream is when I threw a herringbone necklace into the “floorboard” of my car because I didn’t have time to fasten it. Herringbone! I’d never just throw that stuff around…I stopped buying herringbone right around the time I realized I always kinked them up. Also, I remember that in my dream, as I was zipping myself into my car (a la, a kayak) I thought “This seems impractical for interstate use…have I driven this on the interstate?”

Dream 2: Let’s call this one Dinner with Andre

Taken from a wall post to the other person in the dream, Matt Carpenter (a friend from Student Life):

I had a dream I moved to New York and we became roommates. We had a reality show, which we filmed ourselves, edited to 30 min segments and sold to HBO. We were the sane people of reality TV. Also, one of our segments was “Dinner with Andre” and involved Andre Royo teaching us how to make pecan pie from his family recipe.

I had a dream last night, which I’ll tentatively call Racing Through the Tunnel, which involved a Samford semester abroad class (probably from hearing from cousin Doug about a Jan Term class), Student Life friends (Erin Hicks Moon, Whitney Shores) hanging out in the Birmingham airport, something happened at the Alabama Theatre…and then at another point I used some magnificent skills to arrange a bus trip through Manhattan to get a group to the airport, which included an absurd and impractical amount of sightseeing. A group from that summer show The Sing Off (Voices of Lee?) may or may not have also been involved. I’m still piecing together the details.


2 thoughts on “Only in dreams

  1. I had a dream the other night that I made out with Kirk Cameron…and I specifically remember having dream thoughts to myself like “whoah, Brooke this is really inappropriate”… “maybe I should have actually watched Fireproof”…

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