Jen Talks About TV

New page (see the menu bar!): Jen Talks About TV

 I talk about TV. I tweet about TV. I blog about TV. So it would follow that I watch a lot of TV, right?

Well…not really.

I don’t have cable, so most of my TV watching comes via DVD which means that I watch one show in its entirety in a short-ish amount of time. (Short compared to how most people watch the show, week to week.) I’m okay with this…maybe a little defensive when people say “You’re always watching [fill in the blank]!” For the most part, though, I know that my TV consumption has gone WAY down since giving up cable.

Feel free to call me a huge nerd for getting worked up about certain shows; it’s ok…I am a huge nerd. Maybe not about stereotypically nerdy things like technology or fantasy novels/movies or whatever, but I like to read; I was a JMC major; I like good writing. I like to watch TV that’s well-written and I like to talk about it. In great detail. Sometimes in a more passionate voice than reason dictates.

Now, BECAUSE I tend to watch one show from beginning to end, I have lots to say because I’m completely immersed in it, right. No “real” housewives or lives of teenagers are getting my mind confused about what’s going on… Also because of all this TV-on-DVDing, though, I don’t have many people to talk about these shows with. I’m watching things that other people either finished watching years ago, or haven’t gotten around to watching yet.

So that brings us to the newest Unreliable Narrator page: Jen Talks About TV. Peruse at your own risk. Warning: I talk about TV. Expect spoilers.


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