Dear Aaron Sorkin:

Thank you, Mr. Sorkin, for your many superior shows, but specifically for The West Wing.

I love The West Wing. No, really; I love it! I believe that every time a television writer sits down to dig in to a script, they should be required to watch at least 20 minutes of the Sorkin-era West Wing. We would all be smarter for it.  I’d like to point out a few things from Season Two that I feel are over-and-above your already extraordinary efforts.

First of all, kudos for beginning a second season – the season where a show usually loses viewers and rarely gains any – with a two-part resolution of a previous season’s cliffhanger. That takes guts! I must admit that In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, parts one and two, are some of my favorite hours of television. That being said, I also want to give you kudos for perhaps the best hour of television ever made: Two Cathedrals, which closes season two.

Thank you; thank you; thank you,




2 thoughts on “Dear Aaron Sorkin:

  1. Seriously!! Brax and I started West Wing last summer and got sidetracked by football season (which takes over our entire life). We just restarted at season 4, and are continuing on. It’s SO well written and I love all the characters. And I don’t love watching very many shows over, but I think I could watch West Wing over and over!

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