Dear [you]:*

During the commercial breaks of the NBA Finals game** last night, I composed these letters:

Dear ________________,

Your commercials _________________. It’s the _________________________; they _____________________.



1) Best Western, creep me out, photo people talking, remind me of ventriloquist dummies

2) Corn Refiners Association, are a good concept except for that one, picnic-ing couple one where the guy won’t take a bit of the popsicle, seem to be too happy than they would be if the guy really makes remarks like popsicles are bad because  high fructose corn syrup is bad for you.

3) Kia Soul, are genius, hamsters and the music and the refrigerator box car, mesh into a mesmerizing package that makes my jaw drop even though personified rodents aren’t ususally my fave (reference Fievel)


* This might become a recurring feature.

** I couldn’t help but notice that: Artest was on better behavior than I’d been hoping for…also, Kobe Bryant looks like a normal heighted-person next to Pau Gasol.  Also, I miss the Celtics crazy light green uniforms. Why did you make them darker? This is where I should mention that I have zero interest in the NBA and only watched to get crowd shots of former Dream Teamers.  (I think I came late into the game, because I didn’t see any…there were some Kareem sightings at the end, but he was  too early for the DT and only made me think of Airplane!.)


One thought on “Dear [you]:*

  1. You know why you like that Kia Soul commercial with the Hamsters so much?

    It was inspired by THE WIRE. No Joke. You’ll see in Season 3.

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