It’s my cousin Hannah’s 28th birthday! Woohoo!

Hannah and I have had many, many fun times…here are a few of them:

Where are we? I have no idea. In Maplesville somewhere.

Matching clothes...must be Christmas! That's me playing with Jessica's hair, baby Mary Margaret and Hannah, who looks the most ready to take this picture.

Christmas meal in Selma...l-r Uncle Clem, daddy, Granddaddy, me, Hannah, Mary Margaret & Martin

Family reunion at Aunt Renite & Uncle Tommy's at Lake Martin

At Aunt Helen & Uncle Joe's in Wetumpka...me & Ed, Hannah & Martin (and the side of JoBo's face)

Another family reunion at Lake Martin...Hannah, Johanna & me

Christmas in Maplesville (I know it's Christmas because we all had those green sweatsuits I'm wearing). Hannah, me, Mary Margaret & Jessica; Forrest, Ed, Bo & Martin

DisneyWorld! Second or third grade...

Christmas in Maplesville...I think this was the last Christmas with the trampoline...Hannah, Ed, Mary Margaret, Martin & Bo; Candi & me

Christmas in Maplesville, The College Years (at least for me & Hannah); Hannah, me & Mary Margaret

Jason & Hannah at their wedding rehearsal dinner at the camphouse

Hannah, Macie & Jason in Maplesville...there'll be another member of the family there this Christmas!

Hannah & me in Maplesville; Christmas 2009


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