Great(ish) moments in history: May 24, 2010

Here are some fun, pre-noontime facts about today:

1.  It’s my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday Ed!

      Also, it’s my Aunt Diane’s birthday and cousin Emily’s birthday, so HB to them, too! 

2.  I’m enjoying a vending machine lunch. Yum! Pretzels, cookies & a Diet Dr. P. Eating vending lunches in my cubicle makes me feel very very old, despite it all being kid food.

3.  I am still thinking about LOST. I’ve seen mixed reviews about the finale; here’s my take: While the “reveal” was kinda predictable, it was the perfect conclusion to [this particular series of] LOST because it didn’t result in any firm conclusions (at least not to me). You know “what happened” but are left to draw your own ideas, discuss it with friends, and spend countless hours pouring over DVDs to keep deciding on “how it happened.”

      The JMC major in me says this is genius. By giving an ending that people won’t just talk about, but instead keep debating and considering possibilities, they are keeping their show relevant. In the words of Jay-Z, they’re doubling their money to make a stack. Or, in this case, more stacks.

4.  I remembered to bring my Lysol wipes to work today – my desk needs to be cleaned big time and now that the H1N1 thing is on the backburner, we don’t get free Clorox wipes anymore.

5.  It’s a short week followed by a short week: We get a half day on Friday and then Memorial Day on Monday, so I’m headed to the great state of Alabama in just a couple of days!

What are you enjoying today?

PS Did you watch Kimmel last night? A slight let down from a cast participation standpoint, but funny. If nothing else, it made me curious about when they stopped manufacturing Electric Youth. (There’s a wiki, but nothing about the manufacturing dates of the perfume.)


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