I find few things as disturbing as Neil Diamond singing Coming to America. 

I don’t care for popcorn, but I always buy it at the grocery store when I’m out. 

I once kept a CD borrowed from a friend for six years – because the CD had the song Informer by Sno on it (these were pre-iPod/iTunes years…).

When I get a dog, I’m going to name it PuppyDog, even though I’d never get an actual puppy (because I like my furniture). 

When I watch The Godfather, I feel sorry for Tom Hagen. 

I think Mandy Moore is a good actress.

I’ve been wearing this pair of contact lenses for many, many moons.

I don’t find Joe Mantegna convincing as a Jewish man in Liberty Heights. But maybe because I just think of Joey Zasa. And, you know, he’s Joe Mantegna.

I want to live in a house that receives copious amounts of natural light for all daylight hours.

I have Coming to America stuck in my head now.


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