Person, place or thing

So, after coming perilously close to being disgusted with the repeat-play on my iPod, I’m back to to find some new music or, if nothing else, listen to some music I know I like but don’t own. This morning I started thinking about specific songs that embodied…well…themselves…perfectly. Does that make sense?

I once heard someone talk about bands and how they represented something bigger – in this case, Arcade Fire specifically, and how they seemed to be the embodiment of youth. Not youth youth, but of being young. I agree with that, and I think there are other bands out there that do similar things*. However, I think that there seem to be more songs lately, let’s say outside of rap and country, that juxtapose their lyrics and melodies for ?shock? ?impact?…I don’t know.

Less often, there are songs that seem to come together in one great piece to hand over a feeling. Patrick Watson’s Beijing, which I mentioned in an earlier post, does this. Today in my listening, I decided that Two by The Antlers also does this.

What are your thoughts? What do you consider total-package songs? Universally? Personally?

*A personal example would be Better Than Ezra. While this isn’t like the Arcade Fire, because I believe the scope of this is smaller, BTE completely embodies college to me. That’s it. BTE = Jennifer’s four (and a half) years at Samford University.


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