John Proctor Nix

This is my Great-Great-Granddaddy, John Proctor Nix. My Uncle Clem scanned this from a portrait that hung in my Grandparent’s house. Some background info:

John Proctor Nix was born on May 12, 1842, in Randolph, Alabama. He was the son of James and Martha Hubbard Nix.

He married Mary Jane Raspberry on August 21, 1866, in Bibb County. Their children were James Monroe Nix, Laura I. Nix, William Davis Nix, Isaiah George Nix, Irene Nix, Martha Lavornis Nix and Harriett R. Nix.

He married Olivia Glasscock on November 6, 1881, in Clanton, Alabama. Their children were Sadie Nix, Martin Nix, Harvey Mathew Nix, Etha Nix and Ethel Nix. (Five kids in five years…sheesh!)

He married Anna Elam on July 19, 1886, in Maplesville, Alabama. Their child was Marvin L. Nix.

He died on March 12, 1926.

As you can see, my Great-Great-Granddaddy is one of the main reasons we Clapps are related to half of the Southeast.

Harvey Mathew Nix was my Maee’s father. He was born on September 21, 1887 in Jemison, Alabama. He married Mary Lee Potts in 1903 and they had three surviving children: Harvey Mathew Nix, Jr., Margaret Nortilla Nix (my Maee) and Helen Ether Nix. He was a dentist, and had a really cool traveling dentist’s chair and foot-cranked drill (like a sewing machine…could you imagine that drilling on you?). He died on July 11, 1956 in Maplesville.


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