I just LOL’d

I’m looking through some archived e-mails for a photo, and came across this e-mail. Well, it was originally a chain, which I definitely saved, but I’m only posting my response.

The set up: I can’t remember how it began, but the idea of manliness explained by being able to build a table came out of my mouth at some point. It turned into a theme at Brooke’s community group. I think the female version had something to do with licking someone’ s arm? Brooke…help me clarify?

The e-mail:

Subject: re: crush

Hahahahaha….I LOVE THIS and I’m saving it! The only picture that came through was Josh Lucas, but I could see all the tags from the other pictures. I also love the adoption of the “build a table” terminology; yea! I started a catchphrase!

Not to go to far from the theme, for my celebrity crush picks, I have two contenders…

Eion Bailey: Could DEFINITELY build a table…I mean, he’s 20 pounds away from obtaining “beefcake” status…definitely not a Hollywood skin & bones type. (file away under: Girl’s Version of “I Mean, Daaaaannnggg”)

Adrien Brody: So, kinda the opposite of Eion. Might not be able to build me a table, but I bet we’d have fun picking one out from Crate & Barrel!

This has made my morning 🙂 Thanks for sharing!



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