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Back in the day when I started blogging, I used a site called Xanga and my second favorite thing* was the “Currently Xing” feature (where X = Listening, Watching or Reading). When I go back and look at what I wrote now, one of my favorite things is to compare the tone of what I’d written that sitting/day/week to what I’d been consuming from media.

That being said, this post isn’t really about that. It’s about music, specifically, what I’ve been listening to lately. So maybe it is about that, but I feel like my mood can’t really be tracked as closely. Maybe it can. Maybe I’m too close to the situation.  I’m getting distracted….Redirecting back to this: Genres you create.

As Haley Bragg can confirm, I’ve always had a preference for “the rally.” You know what I mean: Listen to virtually any Coldplay or David Gray song and you’ll hear one. Arcade Fire can be added to that group, too. I love a good rally. The best album for rallies is David Gray’s Life in Slow Motion, for sure. (Do you have any you’d like to point out?) Lately, my love of the rally has progressed to a love of a full “rally song.” More accurately described as the song that orders chaos (or at least sounds like ordered chaos, since these musicians totally know what they’re doing (so it’s not really chaos)), either lyrically, vocally or instrumentally. Now that I think about it, Arcade Fire could pretty easily fit into this genre, but I feel like pointing out that I don’t actually listen to them as much as it seems like I do. Andrew Bird would be in there, too. 

My playlist for this month is full of ordered audio chaos. Here are two of my favorites (sorry for the Lala sign in, but if you sign up, you won’t be disappointed; promise!):

Patrick Watson: Beijing

The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition

These two are just…perfect! They describe Patrick Watson as cabaret pop, which, in my opinion, means it just can’t go wrong.

Another song that I’m really liking right now is The Knife’s The Height of Summer, which is actually kinda the opposite of ordered chaos. It’s more like “very particularly structured music that some might interpret as chaos.” What would you call that? Neo-ordered chaos?

So, what music are you listening to right now? Can you see a genre trend that’s all your own? Side note: I’m not saying I’m the inventor of any rally or chaos genre, I’m just saying it’s not something trackable at yet it’s something easily trackable on my iPod.

To conclude, here’s a link to the music I chose as my favorites of 2009: The Best of 2009. Here’s to great music in 2010!

*My favorite thing was the community continued/built through those blogs. One of those things that’s fun to think back on, but not really replicable, right? Specific to a certain place and time and state of mind.


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