What’s your 4-8-15-16-23-42?

It’s LOST day, and I want your theories. All of them, even if they could easily be disproven. The idea is to gather as many as possible here and then come back at the end of the season (series :() and see who’s the closest to being right. Take your time, post as many as you like, and if you need more room, let me know and I’ll loop you in with your own post.

Also, don’t give me any grief about spoilers. These aren’t spoilers, they’re fan theories, so unless Damon himself wanders over…don’t take it so seriously!

My early theory:

Everyone is in a coma at the same hospital. Doctors are performing experimental therapy on them by feeding all of them the same “reality” and the observing how their brains react. When a character is pulled by the Others, they are actually waking up from their coma. This would explain why most of the kids were taken early: their bodies were able to recover more quickly. Also, because every character entered the show soon after some sort of tragic accident (or connection to a tragic accident), they could all have been in some sort of physically/mentally altered state. My theory was pretty much blown when they saw Cindy the Stewardess with the Others.

Another theory:

Vincent is Walt. Or an extension of Walt, a la His Dark Materials. Think about it…

Okay, now what’re yours? Go!


12 thoughts on “What’s your 4-8-15-16-23-42?

    • This website still intimidates me. I try to read the original theory, get a few paragraphs in, and feel too ignorant to continue.

  1. Wow! Love that theory!

    Hmmm… I know I SHOULD have theories on what I think is going on, but I am not creative at all, and am too stuck on realism to even try.

    However, for some reason, I think – IF your theory is not correct, and they are living in reality rather than a coma – that the island will be found and they will all return.

    A few questions about your theory – it covers what happens when they are taken by the Others, but what about those who died – like the ones who died immediately after the crash? Were those just “characters” put into the “reality feed” and were not others who were in a coma? What about Boone and Charlie who were alive for awhile then died? Does dying also signify waking up from the coma, or actually dying in reality, or something else?

    • I think that those who died immediately after the crash, plus the “original Others” (like Ethan) were people being fed into the reality. I mean, the Dharma group IS a bunch of doctors, basically, right? Boone, Eko, etc., those people were pulled out when their bodies recovered. Again, this is from my very early theory, so…I can’t decide if I still expect any of it to pan out that way…or if I ever really did to begin with. I think it’d make an interesting story either way, though!

  2. Ummm… okay, I missed the first 5-10 minutes. Did I miss something that would explain why they are still in the past while the present went back to a state of where it should have been (ie plane landing in LA) and they are IN it, and now seem to be at two places in time and space simultaneously?

    • Not really in the first 5-10, although you should try to go back and catch those, and they were very “WHAT?!?!?” moments.
      However, when Miles listened to what Juliet had to tell Sawyer, he said “It worked.” In the group I watch with, we figured this meant that when the swan imploded/bomb went off, not only were they flashed to “present day” on the island, but they were also moved back to “past-tense/original time” on their flight, which now lands without a hitch. So…they’re existing in the present AND the past, but only the recent past, not the 70s or anything anymore. Make sense? It’s just our theory…

  3. I have a small theory about Sayid. He is not replacing Jacob, I think that Jacob will return someday, but he is the replacement for Richardus. The new human protector of the island, and the one who can/will defeat The Nemsis.

    • I want that to be a character, but I’m not sure I want that to be Sayid. I’m not saying your theory is wrong. But if it’s right, I wish it was right about…Walt? I still think LOST hasn’t fully explored the potential of Walt…

    • That would perhaps be the greatest thing ever…and not out of the question for a JJ end-of-series twist.

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