In 2010, at 28… [Looking back and looking ahead.]

…I’ve had my job for two years.

…I’ve owned a home for three and a half years.

…I’ve owned a car (the first I’ve paid for “all by myself”) for four years.

…I’ve lived in Nashville five years (as of January 28, 2010…tomorrow!).

…I’ve been out of college for five years.

…I’ve had a nephew for five and a half years.

…I’ve had a niece for eight years.

…I’ve been out of high school for ten years.

 …My brother and sister-in-law have been married exactly half of my lifetime.

…I’ve been wearing contact lenses over half of my lifetime.

What will have happened by the time I’m 38?! Maybe they’ll make something better than contacts…that don’t involve scary things like “lazers” and “surgery while you’re awake.”


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