The Resolution Post…part deux

I am lucky to have a friend who, although we haven’t lived in the same city in seven and a half years, always seems to be going through the same kinds of life issues that I’m going through. Actually, at this age, I probably have tons of friends who are going through the same kinds of life issues I am, so let’s just say I’m lucky to have this friend who’ll actually talk about it.

Anyway, in relaying our holidays via e-mail, the subject of resolutions came up and I talked about this. Which I thought some of you might also want to see? Maybe add to? Confirm? Deny? Defend? Attack? This info is slightly edited…mainly some sentences taken out that were a little too specific-for-comfort for the interwebs.

I’ve heard people talk about depression and the perception of abundance…if it makes sense…um…the best way to describe it: Here’s an example of what I mean: You feel down in the dumps because nothing’s going how you think it should (whether that’s “right” or not, who knows) and then you go to the fridge and WOW! It’s full! This small thing changes your perception to see that you really do have enough and what you need. Makes sense, right? Interestingly enough, having a well stocked pantry and fridge do a lot for my mental state, even if I’m not eating the food that I’m stocking it with. Hence the load-up of staples and not much to eat them with (my curse in life is to be a bad grocery-shopper).
Well…I’ve come to the conclusion that with non-food items in my life, my mind is almost working this in the reverse. I have so much stuff in my house that I become bogged down, can’t find anything that makes me happy and so I get more stuff. So, 2010 is my year to de-bog. My cousin Hannah has recommended all of these cool consignment shops in Bowling Green, KY, and I’m putting together piles of clothes, books, movies, knick knacks, etc., to take up there. I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets last weekend and couldn’t even wait…I just took all of that stuff to Goodwill. It felt so GOOD to get rid of things; to not feel so unnecessarily weighted down. 
We’ll see how this goes…
I also have another goal, and it’s more short term. I need to come up with a cool 10-year reunion story before April. Suggestions?

Happy Wednesday internet; hope yours is going as well as mine. Tomorrow’s Thursday, the best day of the week!


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