In an effort not to change too, too much as I get older, my newly-28-year-old self has apparently decided to keep with my 27-year-old self’s trend of insomnia. Woohoo!

I finally went to bed around 3:40 this morning, and slept for about 20 minutes at a time with dreams, but no memorable ones. Then, the epic! Around 6:30am, after I’d gotten back up, showered, fixed my hair, knitted a couple of rows on a scarf for my mom, I decided to go back to bed until 7:30, when I could get dressed in 15 minutes and out the door to work.

I had THE oddest dream…and one that didn’t involve people breaking and entering, which is unusual for me. I don’t have time to fully explain, but while it’s still fresh, I wanted to type up this:

weird dream in last 45 minutes of sleep
family reunion
Madonna’s Live to Tell: Anna, Marky Mark, guy from Center Stage?
Kristin Murray, Stacey, random people at reunion
Waiting in living room for people to arrive, talking to Big Fred Nicol

That’s the dream in a nutshell. I went back and forth between the reception room at IBC to some generic fellowship hall-type room, but somehow it was all supposed to be a relative’s house? Then with the Live to Tell…I wanted to point out that I felt it was her most introspective song and that all her new songs have to do more with instant gratification and…well, it all fit in somehow. I’d been telling all this to my cousin Anna and some random other relatives and unknowns…then Mark Wahlberg walked up and it got weird…eh…I don’t know. All throughout the dream, I had this huge purse that kept bumping into things and I’d laugh. I also had a water bottle that kept leaking…so people just thought I was wasted, but I couldn’t come up with a way to tell them I wasn’t without seeming more like I was.

I woke up completely disoriented. And got to work 10 minutes late.

I’m just saying no to naps until I can sleep at least four hours in a row!


One thought on “Discombloguation

  1. Boo on the insomnia, but that IS a pretty awesome dream.

    Remember Dawn at Premiere got a kiss from Marky Mark? Before he was even Marky Mark, much less Mark Wahlberg…

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