The Resolution Post…

…it’s a trend.  I like many trends, including this one.

In no particular order:

1. Be happy being still.

I commit to a bunch of stuff, get overwhelmed and start bailing out. I don’t commit to anything, feel guilty, and start piling it on. I need to find a happy medium that both challenges me to keep out of a rut and also lets me rest and renew every now and then.

2. Pay off debt.

My mantra of 2010. This weekend, in addition to Ditch Weekend (see below), will also be Apply for Part-Time Job weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I find a bookstore that needs people…

3. Lose weight. Blurgh.


4. Tell people what they mean to me.

I feel like I used to be better at this. Not sure what happened.

6. Find things to do in my city that are unique yet inexpensive.

I can think of tons of cool stuff to do in Austin, TX, Montgomery, AL and Lexington, KY without spending a dime, but not too much comes to mind here in Nashville. I need to spend more time getting to know my home city…

7. Get by with less stuff.

My cousin Mary Margaret unknowingly brought up some interesting points about this and I might share them at a later date, but it basically comes down to me being able to get by with a lot less stuff than I already have. This weekend is a designated “what can I ditch” weekend, which will hopefully produce many, many bags of clothes and other stuff that I can take to some rockin’ consignment shops my cousin found in Bowling Green.

8. Drink more water.

Just because an endless supply of flavored coffee pods are available to me doesn’t mean I should drink them.

Oh yeah, this isn’t a resolution but:



One thought on “The Resolution Post…

  1. all very good resolutions! i’ll tell you, getting out of debt is one of the best things Jim and I have done…it feels so good to know that the only debt we owe is our mortgage – so much less stress each month (especially now that I’m not working full-time!) Good luck to you this year as you strive to be a better Jen (although, I do like the Jen that I know already!!)! 🙂

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