The set up: A friend from high school is coming over to watch Flash Forward and Grey’s tonight and we’re having broccoli chicken casserole. I moved the chicken and broccoli from the freezer to the fridge last night, but needed to set the chicken out today to finish thawing…

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and went downstairs to turn the heat on/up so that it’d be nice and warm when I actually decided to get up. I walked toward the kitchen and thought I really should take the chicken out to thaw, but then decided that I didn’t want it to sit out that long and that I’d remember to set it out before I left for work.

So I still ended up getting up earlier than usual, got ready super fast, then went downstairs to make some blueberry muffins to bring in to work. I turned on the oven, pulled out the mix…and decided that I didn’t have enough time to make them. Oven off; left for work early.

Halfway down the street, I couldn’t remember if I turned off the oven, so I went back home to check (I had turned it off). I didn’t get to work early :(.

You know what I didn’t do? Set the chicken out to thaw. BLAST! I’ll have to defrost it in the microwave when I get home…


One thought on “Typical

  1. No the microwave. It destroys chicken. Take the chicken and put it in a bowl of luke warm water. You can leave it in the bag if you’d like. Stick a plate on top of it. Run the water real light and allow it to over flow. Give it about 30 mins it should be thawed.

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