All for the Hall

After five years of living in Nashville (the second time), I hadn’t seen a country musician live until last night (not counting the Reba/Kelly CMT Crossroads, which I don’t). As the show got closer and closer, I started worrying that I’d be spending three hours in a truck commercial. I ended up spending four hours having lots and lots of fun!

From See Jen Rock

Keith Urban opened with an hour long set accented by a two-song appearance by Brad Paisley. It was my first time hearing their music and I was super-impressed by the musicianship. Keith also won me over by playing Dolly’s Coat of Many Colors after calling it one of the songs that brought him into the profession. The thing I came away with regarding Keith: Pleasant person; he seems like someone you’d want on your side in a jam.

The “and Friends” all played two songs and were backed by Keith Urban and, after his set, Vince Gill. I gathered that with the exception of Vince, they’d all opened for Keith at some point.

Brad Paisley: You can’t beat his trademark white hat. Uber-likeable.

From See Jen Rock

Vince Gill: Deserving “new legend” of country music. He showed them all who was boss on the guitar.

Little Big Town:
Love their harmonizing; would probably go see them live.

Dierks Bentley:
Made me tired. He never stopped moving; SO much energy. He made the most of the venue for just being one guy on stage without an instrument.

Lady Antebellum:
Super! I’d never heard of them, but I’ve had their new song, Need You Now, stuck in my head for days. I bought it on iTunes over the weekend.

Jason Aldean:
Eh. From where I was, he seemed like Kenny Chesney meets Toby Keith. Marketable, I guess.

Faith Hill:
Such a star! Gorgeous; she sang her duet with Vince Gill that I always thought was James Ingram growing up. She knew how to communicate with the crowd.

Vince Gill & Faith Hill – Let Me Let Go from Jen Clapp on Vimeo.

Taylor Swift:
Did not know how to communicate with the crowd. She kinda made these weird blanket statements…it was very, very awkward. Most people went ahead and left during her songs. I’m thinking she’s a good songwriter, but probably won’t have a singing career into adulthood. (And I’m saying that while I have three of her current hits on my iPod…I just don’t think there’s longevity there.)

From See Jen Rock

All in all, a fantastic first experience with country music. Thanks to Jen Dalton for the idea and coordinating tickets!


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