I think those were for you…

Andrew Bird is the kind of musician that you want to share with friends. Instead of writing about him, I wish everyone reading this could experience him. I was really excited that I was able to be there when Haley saw him for the first time and I hope it lived up to her expectations!

First, I need to say that anyone in the Ryman is going to sound as good as they possibly can, and probably better than they could sound anywhere else. It’s the perfect venue and I consider myself lucky to be in Nashville and have it as “regular” venue. That being said, I was pumped at the prospect of seeing AB in a venue where his sound would be so pure.

St. Vincent was fantastic – I wasn’t expecting such a large band or that so much would be live and unrecorded, but she blew me away. She was awkward, but it fit her style…with an incredible voice – pitch perfect and strong. Her band members each played a shockingly large number of wind instruments. I’d definitely pay to see her again.

Andrew Bird came out, nailed Why?, explained he had a fever, then continued to astound. He has the sexiest voice (to me; also, I realize I said this a few years ago about Chris Cornell. Because I can hear AB singing Like a Stone in my head, I’m not going to apologize) and is overt in his passion not just for music, but also for the individual sounds themselves.

Funny moment: A few songs in, a girl yelled up to him between songs. After some exchanges he seemed to get what she was saying – basically, two speakers just fell off the front of the stage. AB’s responses? “I think those were for you…” Then, when he finally got what she said, “Did we rock those off?” He’s funny. Sigh. And dreamy.

Side note: He did look way thin, though. I wanted to go buy him pasta and dairy or something…

Blurry phone photo with AB in the center and St. Vincent to his left.:

From See Jen Rock

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