Ten Out of Tenn

I don’t know what I was thinking. I volunteered to work the Mocha Club table at this show when I knew I’d be getting back from ACL two days before. I was so stinking tired.

An LA (college?) group called SONOS opened. A cappella. SO-NO-they-didn’t. They were alright, I guess, but I don’t think a) the crowd was feeling it that night and b) the Cannery is the best place for that kind of group. They did sing some Yoav, Fleet Foxes and other random, not usually a cappella stuff, so there’s that.

A young guy named Ben Rector opened; he was followed by Andy Davis. I’d heard of him. The crowd loved him and it picked back up after the college group. Then came the current Ten Out of Tenn lineup. I’d heard of Trent Dabbs and I figured out he was the guy walking around with all their names painted on the back of his suit jacket. I also figured out that the guy with the bold pants/shoes combo was Mikky Ekko, who I’ve decided is my current fave of the current Ten.

I left before getting to hear everyone, but I’d go hear them again. Depending on the cost of tickets.

PS You should check out Ben Rector. Talented guy.


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