Colin Hay, September 25, 2009 – Belcourt Theatre

The biggest shocker of the night? Hay’s hilarious! Going into the evening, I’d only heard “Colin Hay; he’s a character…” but wasn’t exactly sure how to interpret that. I mean, a “character?” That could’ve meant he’s a diva, not very good live, all-around jerk…any number of things. Apparently it meant “this guy should have his own Comedy Central special!”

Moving on to the music, I’d have to put Colin Hay in my “Top Five Raw Talents” that I’ve seen. I’ve been to a couple of shows where the artist fared a lot better after being run through a few machines, but Colin Hay had complete control over his (pitch-perfect) voice and, as demonstrated by the jokes he made while setting his guitar (and I have no idea how to correctly say that), a disciplined ear. I’d definitely pay money to hear him again.

Side note: This was the first show I’d seen at the Belcourt and I enjoyed it. The crowd was diverse, but in the Nashville-hometown-theatre kinda way, not the Ryman-drawing-tourists kinda way. Thumbs up!

Picture to follow…as soon as I remember to upload it!

Colin Hay – Overkill

Also, check out “Oh California” if you get a chance. It’s so new there wasn’t a link, but it was one of my favorites of the evening.

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