A Day in the Life

Last night while I was backing up some iTunes purchases (not even recent ones; like, year-old-or-more ones) I decided to have a play-by-play post on my blog. When I was still up at midnight I decided “If not now, when?” (Kudos to Rabbi Hillel for the inspiration there.)  So here’s a look at my life, complete with its accompanying soundtrack.

This post is brought to you courtesy of iBook Stickies, scraps of paper, Blackberry Voicenotes and Microsoft Word.

Note: The music shouldn’t be attached to the action in any way, unless, of course, I directly quote the song later. They’re just what I happened to be listening to at the time…

Is It Okay if I Call You Mine by Paul McCrane

12:03am: Okay. I’m not that tired since I took a nap when I got home and I’m only about halfway through backing up these iTunes purchases. And this book is just getting good! Who knew I’d like a book about a female civilian IT person working at the Airforce Academy? I do get the idea this might be a Jesus book in chic-lit clothing, though. I’ve been duped before and am getting pretty good at figuring these out. I think I’ll pull an all-nighter…I don’t have anything going on too difficult tomorrow that I’ll need to be all that alert for; hmm…Should I watch more episodes of Wonderfalls (which, sorry Haley, I’m just not feeling) to keep me occupied or read? I pick read.

Gravity by The Whitest Boy Alive

1:52am: Screw the all-nighter; my eyes are tired. I’ll stay up until 2:30…

Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend

2:44am: Hmmm. I’m going to finish these two discs and then update my iPod. Bed by 3:00, for sure. Do you know what’s frustrating? When you can fit almost two full albums on one burnable disc. I need someone to sell a 100 minute disc for the same price as the 80 ones.

3:16am: Close enough. Good…morning?

7:56am: Oops. I really shouldn’t have reset my alarm clock from 7am to 8am when I woke up at 6:38. Guess I’m wearing a pony-tail today!

Made by Jamie Scott

8:23am: Egads*! Almost out of gas! Well, I’m already going to be a little late…I might as well not break down on the side of the interstate on my way home this afternoon. Stopping for a fill up…

8:42am: At work. Not too shabby.

Just Fine by Mary J. Blige

9:15am: I just got back from the kitchen and I need to tell you this. I was in there making my morning iced coffee and getting a spoon for my breakfast when I saw them. Clorox wipes. Cue heavenly sounds. Call it convenience, call it my American embrace of consumerism with complete disregard for waste and the environment, but I am obsessed with cleaning products that come in wipe form. Clorox wipes, Pledge wipes (my favorite!), Windex wipes…glorious! Earlier this week we (as an office) found out that someone here was diagnosed with the swine flu/H1N1/whatever you feel comfortable calling it. They brought in an industrial cleaning crew that bleached practically everything, and then our office manager set out special antibacterial hand soap, instant hand cleaner and the aforementioned Clorox wipes. I’ve been thinking of how many things I can clean at my work space with those products for the past half hour.

As a side note, I think the lady that borrowed my swipe key-card several times over the past three weeks is the swine flu-er. I’ve cleaned my card about a zillion times, but every time I touch it I can still imagine my throat closing up and my skin breaking out in sores (which aren’t even symptoms, but they’re my default bacterial manifestations).

That’s How Strong My Love Is by Otis Redding

10:26am: Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone who specializes in weight loss treatments by implanting a parasite. I think there was an episode of Law & Order about that once, actually.

Your Cheatin’ Heart by James Brown

11:06am: Bill, a co-worker, just sent me a text-to-voice message asking me to text him the number for a hospital. It took me three tries of listening to the voicemail to understand the computerized voice and it reminded me of working at Premiere – Steve and I used to send each other text-to-operator messages (you could type something into a website and an operator would call the number and leave it as a message) re: television shows. An example from Steve to me: I see I have a voicemail. When I check it, an operator says “This is a Verizon Wireless operator with a message for Jennifer. Message from Jack: We have to get off the island! Oh my god, what’s happening?! Oh! Oh! Get the dynamite! We have to get off the island; help us!” It was a pretty cool way to pass time, but eventually they started charging for that operator service. Sad days. ::frown::

Private Eyes by Hall & Oates

12:16pm: What I can’t escape, apparently, is Hall & Oates. An analogy for you: Daryl Hall : 2009 :: Neil Diamond : 2008. Only less creepy and with thinner eyebrows. Seriously, Hall & Oates comes up all the time now. First learning about (and subsequently becoming enamored with) Live from Daryl’s House. The newness of that had just died down when You Make My Dreams appeared in (500) Days of Summer. Then this past Sunday at the membership class, my church pastor needed to know the artist that performed Sarah Smile. Things could be worse; I just hope I don’t randomly hear a duet (trio?) of Hall & Oates and Dolly the next time I’m in Walgreens.

12:41pm: Do you know what I’m doing? I’m extracting pages from one pdf and inserting them in another so that some scans made of 2 sided copies are numbered correctly. Yep. That’s what I’m doing. I’ve been working on it since 10am. I’m on the 70s of about 130 pages. Some sweet right click/scroll/click/click/save/insert/scroll/click/save action.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place by Radiohead

12:51pm: Just as you take my hand; Just as you write my number down; Just as the drinks arrive; Just as they play your favorite song…As your blather disappears; No longer wound up like a spring; Before you’ve had too much; Come back and focus again…The walls abandon shape; You’ve got a Cheshire cat grin… I don’t want to work on this pdf anymore.  ::Fail face::

1:02pm: What day is it? Wednesday? Boo. I really like Thursdays…

Another Day by Dragonette

2:13pm: Still working on the pdf. Blegh. Decided to check out my Google Reader for a minute and saw that Dooce posted about this site. Which led me to this sampler. Which reminded me that my brother told me this story…Some movie or cartoon that they watch as a family has a recurring character that says “I will cut you…” Actually, I think it’s a MadTV sketch, which is funny, because when I was growing up we totally watched In Living Color as a family. Anyway, Wynn, in his five-year-old mind, has turned that into “I will cook you” and says it pretty often. That kid is hilarious!

Let’s Dance by M. Ward

2:44pm: Praise be! Finally finished with that pdf. I feel like I’ve been here forever, though, and I still have an hour before time to go home. Crazy cloudy-day mood…

Heartbreaker by MSTRKRFT ft. John Legend

3:03pm: Ooooh, we’re back to this song! It makes me want to move my head and arms in a mime-meets-Flashdance kinda way. Or that I knew how to jump rope (without harming my body and/or ego).

3:25pm: I somehow completely forgot about the Clorox wipes! I have time to clean my desk before heading home. ::beam::

3:42pm: Jen is all alone. Everyone left work early to miss the traffic. I never know if I’m supposed to just do the same, ask if I should do the same, or assume that I’m supposed to stay here until the normal time. So…I’ll stay here until the normal time. Or at least for a couple more minutes.

*This five letter word has entered my vocab thanks to Larissa Westerfield. It’s a good thing. It does a good job of replacing those four letter words I’d become too familiar with.


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