It’s all happening…

…to steal a phrase.

A couple of things:

First, be my Netflix friend! I promise not to make any judgment calls based on your queue. I’m open-minded that way.

Second, there are some really cool things happening over the next, oh, 35ish days. A sampling:

Tonight I’m going to Shakespeare in the Park. Or just having dinner. It depends on the rain.

Tomorrow, August 29: Sarah turns 8! Woohoo! She’s having her first ever sleepover party tonight to celebrate. I bet she’s just beside herself with excitement; I can’t wait to hear all about it…Also, my cousin Graham turns…eek…four, maybe? So that’s fun, too.

Also, tomorrow night is a very Gatsby celebration for Natalie’s 27th, which is…

Sunday, August 30.

Monday, 31: Dinner with a pal I haven’t had a chance to hang out with for a while.


2: Beek’s 28th! Woohoo! Anybody wanna celebrate Happy Hour style to make this a multi-city event?

4-7: Labor Day weekend at the lake. After party for Sarah’s birthday. Fun times will be had by all, I’m sure.

12: Atlanta 3-Day Walk training day…will definitely also be visiting the IKEA and the Cafe Intermezzo for the furnitures and the coffees.

19: Zombie Walk. 4pm. Riverfront Park. Canon DSLR. Me. You?

25: Colin Hay at the Belcourt. It’ll be a trip down immediate-post-college-nostalgia lane. It’s one of the longer lanes, I’ve found. It changes names a few times.

29: Finishing up the brunette to blond transition :).


1-5: ACL ’09! Road trip with Natalie. Happy fun times with Brooke. Rockin’ out with my buddy John.


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