Burning Down the House

I really wish I knew someone who’d studied dream interpretation. Not in the fortune-teller kinda way, but in the allegorical, symbolic kinda way. So…maybe I just need to be besties with dedicated English Lit. major. Anyway, I’ve been having really vivid, involved dreams lately. I know I’ve described some of them already, but most of them are ones I remember for about two hours after I wake up and then I forget 90% of the detail.

Monday night, for instance, I had one such dream. I woke up knowing I should write it down, but I didn’t, and now all I can remember is that it involved a family gathering where my cousin Katherine (Tarica, for those of you playing at home…one of my three cousins with some form of the name Katherine) brought her kids and I ended up leaving the function without saying bye to my mama. I was miles away from…wherever the event was…and turned around to go back and say bye. I also changed from Sunday-dress to workout clothes somewhere in there. Anybody have any interpretations for me?

As a side note, I’ve become terrified of my house burning down due to a) overheating plugged in appliances or b) getting struck by lightening. I guess my ultimate fear is that lightening will hit the house, travel through the wiring, and blow up a plugged-in appliance. (I’ve actually been present when this has happened somewhere else.) As deep-rooted as my fear is, I’m getting really annoyed when I go to switch on a lamp and nothing happens because I’ve unplugged it.


2 thoughts on “Burning Down the House

  1. I’m assuming you are referring to the lake… Was it a VCR or antenna turn-y thing that blew up?

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