Blonde Ambition

This month is the month. I’ve decided to be a blonde again. I’ve been a brunette since just after Thanksgiving (or maybe just before, I can’t exactly remember), and now it’s time for a change. I like being a brunette, but, honestly, I think that the external darkening of my hair has effected the…well…not darkening of my soul, but the dampening for sure.

No, I don’t think that life’s suddenly going to be clown-less parades and pineapple-less sundaes, but I do think it will alter my self-perception, and when I trace back the toughest challenges of the past eight months, that’s what I get. I’m thinking that the change might provide the ego boost I need as an encouragement to overcome other image obstacles. Yes, I am that much of a girl to think that, and this much of a girl to admit it.

As a final statement, I’ll say it: It’s just hair. Why not?

Photos: Blonde me @ Haley’s Friends’ Thanksgiving, October 23 ’08

Brunette me @ my house, December 2, ’08


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