Blast from the Past, Issue 4

The fourth and final (for now) installment. Enjoy!

This post is from entries written in the journal I’m using now. I’m not a faithful journal-er anymore, which is sad L. I need to get back in the habit, but it’s just too easy to make a list of the top ten movies of all time and post it online (or something like that).

November 14, 2005

A new journal. The pressure to write something brilliant and inspired is on. I think I’ll take this in a different direction, a la Helen Fielding. As of last night, I weigh hell, no I’m not typing this. By the end of the week, I want to weight at most ten pounds lighter than that J. I totally think I can do it.

I went to the YMCA yesterday and this morning, and I’m planning on going back tonight after work. I’m eating a cup of strawberries for breakfast, and my goal is to stick to water-only at work. I’m only going to eat out once this week – tomorrow night. Those are my goals – and it’s the first thing I’ve been really, really excited about in a long time.

Wow. In hindsight, that is really, really depressing and/or disturbing.

I just read an entry that mentions that making out with [person] is taking my life in a different direction. Ha. I think I’ll skip that one for now…The entry below is where I started writing and then posting on my blog similar topics (and sometimes even the same words), so enjoy this walk down memory lane…an early introduction to SuchGreatHeights. Sometimes I miss the good ol’ days of Xanga, don’t you?

June 11, 2006

Post-college graduates who write is turning into as situational a cliché as ladies who lunch. Only none of us have that same kind of money. I feel like writing is as common an interest as photography. “Oh, you like photography?” Don’t we all. I’ve been encouraged in my writing lately, and it’s reminded me of how much I enjoyed it when I was younger. Like returning to an old friend, only this time we talk about things other than The Baby Sitters’ Club and New Kids on the Block (which is funny, since I’ve definitely posted about New Kids on the Block a couple of months ago). Writing is a noble hobby, and cheap enough to fit my budget…so why not? Maybe, though, maybe the answer is why. I know that what keeps me from writing is a) the number of really good “non professional” writers I know and b) my belief that my life is pretty common – I don’t have a whole lot to add to the picture (except, possibly, for my intense distaste for phrases using “lot,” as in “a lot” or the above “whole lot”). So I’m going to turn back to writing now as a way to extract the meaningful and extraordinary from my life. I do believe that the simple act (here with go with another annoying term…what isn’t a “simple act?”) of writing things down can help you meditate on the impact said “things” have on your life. An example:

Today at church we continued our series on Abram – this week in context for following the will of God. That our selfishness causes us to think we can handle things when God “forgets us” (when He makes us wait patiently). Tonight, I read a friend’s blog – Wordslinger044 (now he’s on Blogger: 500 Words or Less), if you want to check in out on – where he’d posted several things, two of which being the “outward curve” and selflessness. Five minutes before I started writing, I finished meditating on today’s passage in My Utmost for His Highest. The gist of it: “Come unto Me.”

Turning things over in my mind had already started me on the track of the significance of this, but writing it down? That’s making it concrete – even now – that God is saying “Jennifer, sweetheart, I know life is pretty crazy for you right now…but as you go through the new and the mundane, Come unto Me. Follow My will. And part of that is maintaining an outward focus.” I can’t tell you how calming this is, yet also how challenging.

And that brings us, more or less, to present day. More or less.


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