Blast from the Past, Issue 2

I found the journal that I had when I moved to Lexington in the summer after my sophomore year of high school. Fun times!

July 19, 1998 (We’d lived in Lex for about two weeks at this point.)

This morning I rode with Kristen Halfhill to Hopkinsville for Kentucky Changers. I’ve had a really great time so far! We were able to visit our sites, and I am on a painting crew. I am in crew #19, and we’ve named ourselves the Paint-ballers because Joe Ball is our crew chief. From IBC, Philip and Jon are in my group. They seem really nice, and so do the rest of our group.

I’ve met a lot of great people, and I’m not really worried about not fitting in anymore. I mean, things are still awkward at times, but for this to be the first day I’ve known these people – things are going really great!

My biggest fear is of making a complete fool out of myself – but I’ll have to face that tomorrow!

Kentucky Changers night off in Nashville. I pointed out some IBC people that some of you might know: Joseph Wells, Laura Coggin, Barrett Gough...

Kentucky Changers night off in Nashville. I pointed out some IBC people that some of you might know: Joseph Wells, Laura Coggin, Barrett Gough...

June 2, 2000

Surprise! I didn’t write the next day! I graduated from Lafayette a little over a week ago. I had a wonderful senior year! I made some really awesome friends, many of whom I hadn’t known until this year. Band was an important part of my fall semester, but I am so glad to be through with that stage in my life! My only regret was not remaining as involved in the church youth group. I was out of town many times, and let myself be lazy on the times when I should have been able to go. My friendship with Kama (who lives in Nashville now!) grew stronger, however, and I consider her one of my best friends.

My main focus of the Spring semester was Senior Class Live. I had a wonderful time, and made so many new friends. It was amazing to be a part of such a talented group, and there are memories I will never forget. It was during Senior Class Live that I was able to become such good friends with Jennifer Cooper. She is such an important friend for me because of our similar feelings on many topics. Prom was a great fun time. I went with a group of friends.

Graduation was special; I was “paired” with Erin Clapp, and it was fun to share a final moment with the only other person I’ve gone through school with that has my same last name! Grandmama and Granddaddy were able to come, and that meant a whole lot to me. I don’t feel any different being a graduate. However, as I progressed through high school, I could definitely feel an increase in the amount of responsibilities I held, and I don’t think that they will ever let up (what a freakin’ understatement…)!I am going to attend Samford University this fall and I’m thrilled at the thought of attending my “dream college!” I am hoping to see my Birmingham relatives more often because of my choice of schools, too.

The most significant change came only one day after graduation. My family has moved back to Prattville. I am really glad to be back in Alabama, but I miss not being able to just run out and do something, mainly because there is not as much to do here as in Lexington! I have been to Ed and Candi’s house a few times, and see Jennifer Trump and Keith Stephenson.

A few days after we arrived here in P’ville, I interviewed/applied for a job at Heaton Pecan Farm in Clanton. I really thought I’d have fun working there, especially since Hannah works there, too, but Mrs. Heaton said that she really didn’t need to hire anyone else. I was disappointed, but because of the two month winter break at Samford, I may re-apply during that time. Mrs. Heaton told me that summer wasn’t their busy season, so hopefully she’ll need someone to work during the holidays.

Yesterday, I went with Aunt Diane to clean Hannah’s trailer in Auburn. It’s really nice, and I know she’s going to enjoy it! While cleaning it, and seeing all the college kids in her park, I had my first doubts about choosing Samford. Even with the large class size, I wonder how many experiences I’ll be missing of a large state university. Still, I’m excited about Samford, and I plan to mail in my registration/schedule on Tuesday. I am really anxious to get my rooming assignment and roommate! I only know a handful of people that will be students at Samford, and most of them are from Lexington. Mark Smith has already told us dates of when he was coming through Birmingham and how he was going to visit us (Joseph Wells and I). I also want to become involved in a large church that will provide me with opportunities that may uncloud some of the dreams I have about my future career. (I have zero memory of what that even means…)

Speaking of careers, today I contacted Randy Something-or-other (ha!), the founder of Student Life. I pretty much begged him for a working/volunteering position at the Student Life camps this summer. I asked (in an e-mail) if I could work the four at Shocco and one at Samford. I hope I made it clear that I would be willing to do ANYTHING, and wouldn’t mind not being paid for it. Although it seems like I jumped into this haphazardly, it is something I really want to do. Keith even e-mailed him confirming my want to do this. I know I might be building myself up for a huge fall, but I seriously hope not. Keith told me not to be too disappointed if nothing comes of it, because they should already have everyone they need. I do hope that everything has been running smoothly for them, but I also hope that they have been able to see at least one place where they have the need for more help. I’ll just have to sit back and see where God takes all of this. I can’t help but feel selfish and hopes He takes it in the direction I want it to go, but I know that I can deal with it if He doesn’t.

I’ll try to remember to write as things come up; until then –

July 12, 2000 (Just a couple of lines…)

Well, two huge things came up! First, I was hired by Heaton Pecan Farm the weekend after I applied. I’ve been there for a month and a half now…

My other huge “thing” is that I was asked by Student Life to work for the new Student Life for Kids week at Shocco Springs. That’s where I am now – volunteering as an office assistant…

That’s how I ended up at SL for four years…I e-mailed Randy and anyone with “director” in their title, heard back from Earl about a student staffing opportunity with the first summer of Student Life for Kids camp, and then Earl helped bring me in as a marketing assistant when I got to Samford in the fall of 2000. Fun times…sometimes things work out…

In the flowery, high school journal that these posts came from, the last entry (from September 25, 2000) is all about seeing Godspell at the Shakespeare Festival. Although the entry pretty much gushes over meeting Mark Espinoza (Jesse from 90210, for those of you who remember…), it was another experience that resulted in my working at ASF as an usher and usher trainer from June 2001 through December 2004. Man, I loved that job…

Fun times at ASF, my favorite place of employment thus far...Liz, Kristen, Mark, Roger & me

Fun times at ASF, my favorite place of employment thus far...Liz, Christin, Mark, Roger & me


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  1. What amazes me about these posts is that you are so thorough in your journaling. Such detail! You have inspired me. These are seriously great!

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