Blast from the Past, Issue 1

One of my favorite things about blogging is that it lets me keep in touch with people that I’m not able to see very often plus share things with people here in Nashville that I might forget about before the next time I saw them. While I was moving some things around recently, I found some old journals and thought it might be fun to pull out a few posts, since some of the people mentioned are co-bloggers…

Just a quick note: I realize that I’m not the best writer. I am the opposite of concise and am a fan of the hyperbole. Also, I have become an ellipse-er where I used to be a dash-er. Still, though, looking at these…which were WRITTEN IN A JOURNAL…sheesh. I was pretty liberal with the exclamation point…I try to write now how I’d tell something to someone in person. If this is what I was doing then, then I was a giggly, boy-crazy fool and someone should have stopped me! (<– exclamation point; Fail.)

Sunday, June 9, 2002

Well, this is it. My first summer truly away from home. Sure, I’m only an hour away, but I’m living in an apartment, working two jobs and making new memories with new people. It has been officially summer for me for a week and a half now, but it feels like it’s been so much longer!

On May 22nd, I started full time at Student Life as the East Team coordinating leader. Working full time at SL is a lot like working part time was – except that most of the people in the office are different because of camp. My “co-coordinator” is Brooke Keeler, and she is also my roommate at Chris and Liza Kinsley’s apartment. Brooke is so great – we are so much alike! It’s weird because we’re constantly doing and thinking the same things! It’s going to be so much fun hanging out with her this summer! I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the other “new” girls in the office, as well as become better friends with the ones I’ve been working with – Kim Manuel and Hannah Hembree (West), Dori Kimbrough and Danielle Teague (Kids), me and Brooke (East), and Whitney Shores and Joy Hudson (Central). We’ve shared a lot even over the past week and a half, so the rest of the summer should be full of interesting experiences!

I’m also working a few shifts a week at Express in Brookwood Village mall – and I don’t really like it. I can’t say that I hate it, but I can say that I probably won’t try to get a job there again in January. It can really be boring sometimes, and I think I enjoy more challenging tasks. As I’m working to save for the fall semester in London, though, every extra dollar helps. I’m trying to get a few shifts at ASF, and maybe even babysit Katherine & Ian’s kids, Albert & Margaret…

Later that same summer…

This entry has become a much-told story, which I’ve apparently been telling wrong for the last seven years. I also need to point out that I misused “there/their/they’re” in the original written version. That’s right, the WRITTEN version. Blegh.

Probably my most memorable concert experience to date:

Sunday, August 11, 2002

In keeping with tradition, you can see that I’ve hardly written at all this summer. So much has happened – I had a great time working for Student Life and I am going to miss everyone so much this fall! It is going to feel really weird not going into the office, but hopefully I can get a job again in January. The summer has been so eventful and luckily nothing else horrible happened. Let me try to recap just a few of the good times…

Brooke and I were able to visit the Central and Kids teams quite a few times this summer. We loved hanging out with them, but it did make us a little sad that we didn’t see the East team. The Central team made us feel especially welcome – Renee Short…edit, edit, edit… especially. Edit always seemed estatic to see us – what a great ego booster! One of the few things we were able to do was visit Covenant when Maplesville and IBC were there – it was great! Nathan Tubbs was there with Maplesville, which was a little awkward, but it was still fun to see everyone!

We caught some awesome concerts this summer! One of our last times together, Brooke and I saw Trik Turner, Injected and Default at Five Points a few days ago (on the 6th). Just a few days earlier, we caught a double punch of Better Than Ezra as part of Vanilla Coke’s summer concert series. On Thursday, August 1, Suzanne, Brooke and I went to Riverfront Park in Nashville and caught the Wil Seabrook Band (This guy popped up on Rockstar INXS a few years ago), Homonculus, Feable Weiner, RANA, Cracker and Better Than Ezra. It was awesome! There (This was the misuse, originally: their. Fail.) were tons of people there! All of the bands were fun (with RANA at the end, I think) – especially one of our new favorites, Feable Weiner!

After the concert ended, some guys even came up to us and asked if we wanted to be on the FW website. So now there’s a pic of the three of us holding FW stickers on the web! Another really cool thing happened just as RANA was coming on the stage – FYI the leade singer had a mullet. I looked down and guess who I saw? Dale Fenton! It was great! Brooke and I freaked out! It was great to get a chance to talk to him since he’d moved to Nashville in mid-June. Suzanne and I both thought it was the best show we’d ever seen Better Than Ezra put on…

BUT the very next day, the three of us were joined by Morgan and Tiffany for the Atlanta show. It rocked! It is comparable on to the whole Mississippi experience! We got there late – just as RANA was leaving, and made our way about halfway to the front before Avril Lavigne came out with her band. Now, I’ll admit, I really wasn’t a fan. They put on a great show, though; they were much edgier than I had expected. Then, out of nowhere, it started pouring! Lightening was cracking everywhere – the stage crew passed out ponchos to the “loyal fans,” and we ended up paring with two semi-shady guys to make a huge tarp out of our ponchos. After about 45 min/1 hour, Cracker came out and rocked! Then, Better Than Ezra came out and completely outdid themselves from the night before! It even started raining again while they were out there – and they just kept playing! The coolest thing was – TOM RECOGNIZED ME! He totally pointed and waved – I almost wet myself; it was so awesome! They played all of our favorites – including “JC Penny’s” and the Ms. Jackson cover. They were in a great mood, and that always adds so much to their performances.

After the concert, we really wanted to talk to Kevin, Tom and Travis again, but the security guys rushed pretty quickly to clear the park. We decided to head to where the after party was (the Cotton Club), so we started walking into downtown. As we were walking, these two guys climbed over the fence (of Centennial Olympic park) next to us – it was two of Avril Lavigne’s band members! I  clearly remember one of them saying, “If I fall right now, I will feel so stupid.” We talked to them for a few minutes – they were trying to get to the Cotton Club, too (and, because I do remember this, handing out green room-furnished beers to street people) – before we set off in opposite directions. After a few minutes of debating what we were going to do, we decided to double back to the park to use the restroom and then go to IHOP or something. On our way back in, this kid stopped us and suggested that we go to a new club – Masquerade. It had three levels – Hell, Purgatory and Heaven, and was supposed to be the big new thing. We talked to him (Mike?) for a while, in which he somehow got Morg’s cell number. Somewhere around this time we noticed that Tom had stuck his head out of the backstage tent twice…but it didn’t look like a meeting was going to happen, which bummed us out.

As we were leaving the park for the second time, we struck a conversation up with a lady who was waiting for her husband to finish tearing down the stage. She was a pretty sketchy character – when we mentioned being from B’ham, she said that she used to work at Sammy’s! When we tried very politely to excuse ourselves after about ten minutes, she responded with “Oh, can’t you sit and talk for five minutes?” As sketchy as she was, it was obvious that she was really lonely. We sat at one end of the picnic tables with her and listened to her talk about her travels with her husband (they are in Las Vegas as I’m writing this) and about how unsafe Atlanta was. We were all pretty unsure, though, when she asked us to stay “even an hour” so that her husband could walk us back to our car in one of the decks up the Blvd. Enter our heroes!!!

The two guys from Avril’s band walked around the corner at exactly that moment and, lucky for us, recognized us from earlier. After friendly chatter which included introductions (they were Mark, the bassist, and Matt, the drummer) the great minds that Brooke and I are asked where they were headed. Suzanne caught on, and when they said they were still looking for the club, she asked if they would walk us back to the car. They both looked a little shocked at the request, but, the dears (No kidding, I wrote that. “The dears…” Yech.), recovered quickly and said they would. After a strangely long and freakishly sentimental goodbye to the lady, we set off for the parking deck. It was so fun talking to them – they made fun (good-naturedly) of our “y’alls” and Mark even gave us a couple of “ehs?” to comment on. (Coincidentally, another musical Canadian named Mark would appear later in my life and also comment on my “y’all,” but it would be an entirely different, silent-rage-inducing experience.)

In the parking deck, we asked this lady to take our picture (“Sure, as long as you don’t kill me.”) It was great, because Matt was the first one with his camera out! Rock stars wanted to take our picture! We found out that they were looking for the Masquerade now, too – and Suzanne offered them a ride! I love her! We all piled into her Corolla (Suzanne, Morg & Tiff in the front; Matt, Mark, Brooke & I in the back) and started our search for this great new club. With the car holding two Canadians, two Texans and three Alabamians, we of course had absolutely NO idea of how to get to this place! We drove around for two hours – and it was some of the most fun ever! The highlights included taking ALL rights, and when Mark (on mine & Matt’s request) asked the car next to us if they had any Grey Poupon. It was so much fun, and I feel that we had three hundred times more fun than if we’d gone to the Cotton Club (which we never found).

When we got to the Masquerade, Matt and Mark got us in for free, and we found that the great new club is…really lame. In “Hell,” there were tons of scantily-clad Goths – it was terrifying! The other two levels were pretty much the same with a medieval feel, just with fewer people. Edit, edit, edit…, and we spent the next two hours chillin’ in the bar. (We never saw the kid from the park.) …edit, edit, edit…We pretty much talked to Matt about his experiences as a rockstar and how he liked the southern US. He talked about his desire to settle his family in Vancouver (the “most biggest city”) when he settles down, and how he really can’t wait until Avril and the band are able to tour city to city and not country to country. He laughed everytime we said “y’all” (and once he tapped my leg with his…oh, it was adorable…) and pointed out how we all laughed the same. Morg and I vowed not to laugh in his presence again.

The bar closed, and we had to leave (around 4am? 3am “our time?”). Morgan and I, being our devious selves…edit, edit, edit…It was really sad to drop the guys off at their hotel, but they had about three hours before they left for Japan. We drove back to Choccolocco, picked up my car, dropped Tiff off at hers and Taylor’s house and got back to the apartment at 6:30 – 30 minutes after Mark and Matt left for Japan. It was such a great night – words can’t even describe it! (Which, apparently, they were able to…)

If that wasn’t enough, two hours later, Brooke and I were on our way to Covenant, and then, on Sunday, Tiff threw Taylor a birthday party at the Halls’. It was the weekend of the summer. More about the rest of the summer later –

Matt, Brooke, Tiff, Mark, me, Suzanne and Morgan...It scanned kinda funny out of a scrapbook, but this is one of the pictures taken in the parking deck...

Matt, Brooke, Tiff, Mark, me, Morgan and Suzy...It scanned kinda funny out of a scrapbook, but this is one of the pictures taken in the parking deck...

The next time I wrote about the summer, it was after everyone moved home and I was in Kentucky with my Mama for a weekend. After the Default show, the only day I remember clearly is the day of the “SL Homecoming,” and that’s because before we went to the dinner, Brooke and I saw XXX in the theater and then went to Wal-Mart so B. could get the soundtrack. Vin Diesel fans from the very beginning…


3 thoughts on “Blast from the Past, Issue 1

  1. The rage-inducing Mark is actually a Marc, which probably doesn’t make that much of a difference, but it made me laugh.

    What part were you mistelling? I mostly just remember this story being way shorter.

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