Yesterday on Twitter, I mentioned that I’d had two vivid, creepy dreams Sunday night. Here they are in all their glory (Personification! Wait, would that be considered personification? The “their,” maybe, right? Not the “glory?”). First, let me tell you. I am very, very awake today.

Dream 1: Bunny Dream

I’m in my Granddaddy Clapp’s side yard at Twilight – just off the carport, looking back toward the museum; the yard where the trampoline was when we were all younger. There are a ton of people hanging around – potentially there was a party going on in the carport/front yard area. I’m talking to my old youth minister from Lexington and we’re sitting in director’s chairs (the only thing that comes to mind here are the pictures of the Original Mickey Mouse Club cast members in their chairs; I tried to find a picture, but no luck…). Oh, and we also have guns. So, as we’re catching up, we’re also shooting “nighttime creatures” with our guns (not shooting to kill, but shooting to hit a target). Think squirrels, skunks, rabbits, etc. At some point, people that I knew in high school, both from Lexington and Prattville, are running around and hanging out in the yard, too (the yard where we’re trying to shoot the animals). I finally get my chance to make a shot when a baby bear (???) roams into the yard and I shoot it with my bb gun. I don’t know that I’ve shot it until a girl comes up, takes her baby bear mask (???) off and says “You’ve got a good shot.” By the way, I’m not naming names, but I know this girl from church in Lexington. For the record, she wasn’t hurt; it was only a bb gun.

All of the people hanging out in the yard walk over and we’re talking and catching up, when somebody comes around from the other side yard and hands everybody on that side of the house bb guns, and then releases little white bunnies. Well, for some reason, those people decided that instead of shooting at them, they’d kick them against the side of the house. Also, around this time the house has changed from my Granddaddy’s house into someone else’s. I don’t know whose, but I know it’s changed because the house they’re kicking the bunnies onto is white. A friend (not naming names) and I are so outraged at this (the kicking of the bunnies) that we run over and stop them. There is an adult (not naming names) there, and we explain to her that it’s more humane to just shoot the bunny than kick it into a wall.

I know that most of this dream stems from the fact that I was in Lexington over the weekend, but I have NO IDEA about the Prattville people or my Granddaddy’s house, and I definitely don’t know about the baby bear and bunnies. You should know two things: 1) I’ve never shot a gun*, even though I’ve had the opportunity and 2) I know this dream is sick and twisted. I hope it doesn’t mean that I’ll graduate from killing baby animals to becoming a serial killer in my dreams. Because, you know they say that’s the progression.

Dream 2: Prayer Date Dream

This one occurs at an afternoon, backyard garden party…someone’s bungalow-style house that I’ve never seen before. It has one of those wall-length sliding glass doors that leads out of the house, onto a porch, down some stairs and into the yard. There are fountains and such, so I guess the backyard looks a lot like my Aunt Kay & Uncle Harvey’s yard in Selma. It’s a reunion of sorts for Student Life, and there are people from my time, before and after my time…just tons of people. A lot of people who I still spend time with are there, but there’s one person who is a guy that I never really knew, but had a major crush on. Well, have. One of those romantic crushes that you can have on someone you don’t know. You know what I mean… Anyway, I end up sitting next to this guy at dinner.

At the beginning of the dream, there is general party, reunion-type chaos of people catching up, laughing loudly, random bursts of song (admit it, all of us who’ve worked there know at least one person who, at an SL reunion, would burst into song…you’re thinking of that person right now, aren’t you?). Eventually we all sit down to eat yummy picnic food. Dinner starts off with the blessing, but for some reason everybody is praying silently? That didn’t seem weird at the time, but it does now. Anyway, this guy, who I don’t know now, and didn’t know in the dream either, grabs my hand and [like], leans over to where my head is on his shoulder and is thanking God for drama or whatever. It was really, really weird. And I was holding onto the cuff of his jacket? I don’t…I’m feeling awkward right now just typing this… Moving on, dinner is a blur in the dream but we must have eaten, because the next thing I remember everyone is moving around and kinda touring the house and yard. Also, there is a greenhouse in the yard, which must be residue from the Bunny Dream because my Granddaddy had one in his backyard.

For a while, I’m talking/hanging around Crush Guy (but I don’t remember any of the conversation) and then he kinda slinks away…in the “if you’re interested enough you’ll follow me” kinda way and I remember thinking “Screw that! I’m not falling for it…” Of course, then I spent the rest (maybe two minutes) of the dream seeing if he was in the same general area that I was in, but he’d disappeared. I think it was out of shame for the prayer. WHICH IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Ew.

What I’m thinking right now:

If back yard can be typed backyard, as I did in Dream 2, did I mispost “side yard” as two words? That’s going to bug me…

I had to change “wear” to “where” earlier in this post. It made me sad that I’d used the wrong one in the first place. Also, is that a correct use of quotation marks?

Also, somebody recently posted something that I can’t find the link for, but basically said (quoted?) that brevity and clarity are keys to a good blog. I’m ruined there.

I probably shouldn’t have any more caffeine today.

*I don’t own a gun, let alone many guns to necessitate an entire rack.


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