What, me wiki?

Here’s a list of things I looked up on Wikipedia between Wednesday and today. This might become a regular weekly feature… I’d link these, but what if you already know? Or have an aversion to Wikipedia? I’ll just let you look whatever you like up yourself on your professional-or-peer-moderated site of choice.


9:23am: Dresden

12:59pm: Lady Gaga

1:27pm: Otis Redding

2:46pm: President Eisenhower

2:50pm: National World War II Museum

3:47pm: Bubblegum

3:50pm: Robert Pershing Wadlow

[5/7/09 was an out-of-the-ordinary, bang-my-head-on-the-desk, crazy-busy day…no wiki-ing for me (fail).]


9:09am: Eric Liddell

11:39am: Edward Rutherfurd

12:52pm: Versailles

12:55pm: Palace of the Louvre


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