On love, also What’s your situ*?

Rolling Hills has been going through the Saddleback study 40 Days of Love. Normally, these studies aren’t weeks that I look forward to…they’re usually so formulaic that I tune out as soon as we start discussion in community group. This one, though, as been incredible. I’m giving the credit to my awesome group and fantastic group leaders for presenting (useful) information in an interesting way…

I’m extremely late in getting around to talking about this, since the study is actually on the non-existent day 41, and this is back from day 2 (our first community group during the study). Basically, the study that week focused on love (shocker!) and what can hinder us from showing love. The text of the study pointed out that “Love is the primary objective of life;” that anything we do, done without love, is meaningless. The study laid out “anything” in these five areas:

“If I don’t live a life of love, nothing I…






…will matter.”

We talked about which of these areas gave us the most challenges and, not surprisingly, the people in our group who spent their days working independently had trouble with “accomplish,” the teachers had trouble with “believe,” the trivia-hounds with “know,” etc. I started thinking, though, that it makes sense that we’d have the greatest challenge with the area where we focus the most of our attention. If God has placed a passion in us for something – art, history, general learning, teaching – of course that is the area where Satan will be focusing his attack on our resolve…think about C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. The lukewarm area is pointless; it’s only the areas where we display the most passion where there is any victory in breaking us down. Our aim should be then, not to try to squelch our passion for teaching, knowing, etc., but instead to actively incorporate love, in whichever of its forms a situation calls for. If you really think about it, it will actually help mold your everyday life into a life of mission.

I only hope that I’m able to remember this myself…I need to pursue love and aim to show love first and foremost.

*Situ: sit-chew, as in, situation


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