On Legacies, Mentoring, Being “That Girl”

Last week in my community group, we wrapped up a study on 2 Timothy with “What is the legacy you want to leave?”

Hmm…that’s a great question. I know that I’ve thought before about wanting to be remembered, but I’m not sure that I’d ever thought about how I wanted to be remembered past “positively.”

Here’s the conundrum…when I think about how I want to be remembered, I think about how I think about myself. Which isn’t good or bad (another conundrum) and which I probably need to think about, but not spend too much time thinking about it (and…another). Basically, I know that I don’t want to be remembered the way I am right now. I’m selfish, lazy, impatient and that doesn’t even touch the aesthetics or thoughts I have about my physical appearance. Do I want to just flat out ask people what they think of me? Sure. Do I want to work toward being the kind of person that will illicit the answer I want? Yep!

To target things, I think I’m going to start looking into mentoring programs…mainly to have a mentor myself. I remember professors or adults throughout college who were great to run thoughts by, or just generally look to for insight, but since I’ve been in Nashville I haven’t had anything outside of a peer level relationship. And I don’t want to be “that girl” that seeks out affirmation from friends all the time. (Eek…but I DO want to be that girl…)

I should’ve had a New Year’s resolution…


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