On Spring Fever, Texas, Stagnation

Groundhog Day. Snow predicted. Six more weeks of winter. Who’s surprised?

Cold weather doesn’t stir up depression in me…it manifests something more like wistfulness, memories of Christmases in shirt-sleeves and existence without a heavy coat. The main drawback of Nashville, like Lexington, is the Winter. I prefer the climate cocktail of one part Summer, one part Autumn with a dash of Spring.

Speaking of Spring, I’ve recently come down with a serious case of Spring Fever. Natalie and Scott are dating — which doesn’t surprise me (once I’d eased my concern for Natalie’s happiness) but it does throw a big third-wheel vibe my way. The cuddling and other PDA I can handle; the whispered conversation is a little more taxing. Is it considered rude or just spiteful to roll your eyes when you’re the only other person in a room with two people whispering to each other? It’s not so much that I want to get married, have kids, etc. in X number of years, but I also don’t want to be the “single friend.” Paging Duncan Shiek…

That sounds like an awful reason to desire a relationshiop, so let me clarify — while I don’t have a “life plan” mentality toward marriage and family, I wouldn’t mind having that companionship and love. It just seems like there’s nothing on the horizon. So…yeah…

In other “where is my life going” news, I’m now the defensive player in an on-going Texas propaganda battle, and it’s not really one I’m trying to fight. Brooke, and now Antonio, is sending me not-so-subtle hints about moving to Austin. Brooke plays the kitsch card with t-shirts, magnets and parties while Antonio just asks “So, when are you moving?” every other conversation. The truth is, I’ve definitely thought about it. In this economy, though, just packing up and moving probably isn’t the best thing to do. I’ve considered putting my house on the market, but decided to broach the subject with my boss first. My approach will be to mention in my annual review that I’m very, very happy with my position, but wouldn’t be opposed to a location change. If it ends up being possible, then the house can go on the market and we’ll see what happens. I don’t really want to be farther away from my family, but celebrating four years in Nashville has made me antsy for something new.

At the end of this month I will have been at my job (Marsh) for a year. It’s exciting to say that I’ve been there so long, but it’s a little depressing to look back and see how short of a distance I’ve traveled. 2008 seemed to be my first “stable” year. With the exception of Granddaddy’s death, there wasn’t anything I noticed that changed or grew me. More importantly, I can’t decide if that’s good or bad. Is this the mark of an adult life? Should I expect this type of thing from now on? Shoudl I strive for a more eventful 2009?

Sheesh; I don’t know…


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